Friday, October 9, 2015

Dr. Who Birthday Party

It has been almost a year since we celebrated this birthday party which reminded me to share the pictures with you.  I had to piece together several things for the party because I couldn't find any one place where you could buy Dr. Who birthday supplies.  I have some pictures below to show what we came up with.  I do think it turned out cute and my son who turned 9 loved it.

A close up of the Tardis cake made by someone local to me.

I bought a shower curtain to use as a back drop for pictures.  It was not expensive and can be used later if he wants to change his bathroom theme to this.  I also found some glasses (shown below) that when ice is added to them the Tardis appears.  I gave those away as gifts to the kids after the party.  We also played the Dr. Who theme song throughout the party and had episodes of the show playing on the game room TV for everyone to enjoy.

We had an assortment of candy available to the kiddos.  I tried to keep everything blue/white.  Those are white M&Ms and gum balls.  There was a selection of blue rock candy along with blue/white swirled lollipops, mints, airheads and cotton candy.  I couldn't find a vinyl or paper tablecloth in the Dr. Who theme so I ordered this blanket that is now being used by the hubby.  It's his favorite.

We also gave away the little Cybermen as party gifts which were adorable.

I ordered this sticker that peels right off after use to transform our door.  Everyone loved it.

It's bigger on the inside!

It was a sweet 9th birthday celebrated with friends and family.  Jake had a great time and is looking forward to his next birthday party coming soon.