Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hawaii Vacation, Day 4, Aulani

Day 4 was spent mostly at the resort.  We enjoyed the pool, slides and ocean the first half of the day and then we went across the street from Aulani to do some shopping.  There was an ABC store among other souvenir, art and fast food places.  One store we really liked is owned by a couple of local firemen and is called Hawaiian Fire.  The store is a cool design.  We bought some hats, T-shirts and souvenirs.

The resort has a Starlit Hui twice per week that features Hawaiian dancers, entertainers, ukulele players and Disney characters.  We headed back to the resort after shopping and eating a light dinner  to watch the show.  The show was okay but they did want everyone to sit on grass mats.  We arrived right before the show started so we were at the back and people kept standing up and leaving/moving blocking our view.  I didn't time the show but it was not long at probably 30 minutes.  It is not a typical luau with food but the entertainment was pretty good.  The Disney characters came out at the end and danced on the stage.  After the Hui, we went to watch and listen to fireside stories on the beach.  We enjoyed this with the exception of too many people.  We had a great seat and arrived early but some people came and stood right in front of us and blocked our view right when he began telling stories and we had to move.  It was irritating at best.

We then headed upstairs for the night because we had a very early rise scheduled the next morning at 6:30 am to go visit Pearl Harbor.  Now Pearl Harbor is something everyone should visit if at all possible at least once.  I will share that next time.

MS Southern Mom