Monday, September 8, 2014

Hawaii Vacation, Aulani Day 3, Paradise

The third day we woke up to this view......

With this weather, we decided to spend the majority of the day at the resort.  We enjoyed the water slides and lazy river multiple times.  I could float around that thing for days.  It is relaxing and fun.  There is a volcano/rock that you climb up with your inner tube in hand and then it launches you into the lazy river below.  The lazy river has a current to keep you floating around so you don't have to paddle yourself.  You can kick back and enjoy the breeze.

Here is a picture of me relaxing on the beach.  I wish I was there now.

They have a snorkeling area inside the resort but we didn't try it while we were there.  Here is a good shot of it from our hotel room.

After a full day at the resort, we headed into Honolulu/Waikiki to shop.  While waiting for the car to be pulled around, I enjoyed the lemon/lime water they serve at the entrance to the resort.  They keep 2 lovely ladies stationed here to greet everyone upon entrance or exit (in my case).  Very nice!

The Ala Moana Center is an excellent mall where you can find every store imaginable from the mid to upscale range.  On the way over we drove by the Aloha Stadium.  

Here is a pic just before arriving at Ala Moana.

The Ala Moana has beautiful views from the top level and a fountain with huge fish.

While we were there I did stop in at some shops I don't have access to where I live.  It was nice actually seeing items in person I can only see on TV or the internet.  It was our 20th anniversary so my husband bought me some pretty items to enjoy for a lifetime.

After shopping and eating we went to a LATE movie at Ward Stadium next to Dave and Busters.  It was a large 16 theatre with stadium seating right down from the Ala Moana.  After the movie we simply had to drive by Da Kine Bail Bonds.  We love Dog and Beth.  It was very late so no one was there but I did get a picture of the store front.  Dog the Bounty Hunter!

It was a great way to end another excellent day in Hawaii.

MS Southern Mom