Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Best Summer Vacation, Hawaii Aulani, Day 2

On day 2 I started off the morning with a massage and manicure from the Laniwai Spa in Aulani.

When I arrived I was greeted by an assistant and she presented me a basket of pebbles and asked me to select one.  Each one had a word inscribed on it.  I selected "Dream".  That was to be my word for the day.  The fountain in the picture below is where you release the pebble back into the water.  This causes a ripple effect that can be seen down the water line suspending the bulb.  It was really interesting to watch as you released the pebble into the water.  Next she gave me a tour of the entire facility which had inside and outside areas.  There was a beautiful shower area and hot tub outside along with a sea salt scrub buffet bar where I selected a mixture of aromatic sea salt oils that the assistant mixed together for me to use after my massage.  I used this throughout my stay at Aulani.  I really liked it.  After the tour she led me to a changing area and then a tranquility room and I relaxed on a lounge chair awaiting my massage.  I am relaxing thinking about it now.  They had different tea available to select from and cookies and sweets to enjoy as you waited.

My massage was the Lomi Lomi.  It is similar to a Swedish massage with aroma therapy included.  It was one of the better massages I have had.  After my massage I had some time to relax and enjoy the spa facilities before my manicure.  The result of my manicure is below.  I thought it turned out so cute.  I had a pineapple and palm tree with jewels on each added to my ring fingers.  Appropriate for Hawaii right?

 After the spa treatments I met back up with my boys and we headed down to the beach and pools for a swim.  Before we headed down, I enjoyed this unusual soda, Waialua.  I found it to be one of my favorites on the trip.  I had it more than once before going home.

We had dinner reservations at AMA AMA for 7:00 PM, so we played until we had to run back up to the room to shower and dress for dinner.  I have some pictures of us enjoying our day.

I think this photo captures it all.  Joel taking selfies and Jake chillaxin.  

After all that fun we headed to dinner at AMA AMA.  This is the unusual fountain and awesome view you see when you walk in the restaurant.  We had reservations so there was no wait.

Our view from our table can be seen in the picture of Jake above.  Totally breathtaking.  We splurged on desserts after dinner.  The Happy Anniversary cake was a gift from the resort and restaurant.  We were celebrating 20 years on this trip.  All of it was so delicious.

I will leave you with the sunset we enjoyed while we ate dinner at AMA AMA.  No words needed.  Enjoy.

MS Southern Mom