Sunday, June 8, 2014

Easter & Mother's Day 2014

Before I knew it both holidays had flown by and I didn't post about either of them.  I have some pictures of my decorations and gifts exchanged.  This Easter I purchased a few new items from Pottery Barn that are shown in the picture below.

I love the candles and candle holders with the tiny bunnies peaking over to try and reach the egg.

My 8 year old painted this masterpiece at school.  I loved the way it turned out.

We did hunt Easter eggs and spent time with family on Easter Sunday.  We had a great time.  That night my hubby brought me in this Easter Lily and the Easter bunny knew I loved pink so he gave me some pink Beats.  The Easter bunny brought the boys urBeats and of course candy.

On Mother's Day, the boys got me this beautiful bouquet and my oldest son picked out the bracelet which I absolutely love.

We finished off Mother's Day with a swim in the pool with family.  I caught this picture of Jake relaxing.  It is tough being  I know this is what he was thinking while on that float.