Saturday, June 28, 2014

Braves & Stone Mountain, Atlanta GA

Last weekend my oldest son had high school baseball games in Atlanta, GA.  While we were there we visited Stone Mountain Park and went to a Braves game.  I took some pretty neat shots of the field prior to the game.  It is a beautiful field.

The Braves were celebrating the US Army's 239th birthday so the Army performed all pre-game activities.  One of our Army combat veterans sang the national anthem and the Silver Wings based out of Fort Benning GA parachuted on to the field from an airplane circling above.  It was really neat.  I have a short clip here of one of them landing.  

Prior to the game we posed outside for pictures.

We stayed at the Lowes Hotel in downtown Atlanta.  It was extremely nice.  The view from our room was of the city.

We did some downtown shopping and eating due to convenience of the hotel to everything.

 One night we visited Stone Mountain Park which is about 30 minutes outside of downtown Atlanta.  We went only for the laser show but there are a lot of other activities to do.  We purchased tickets through their website  We went with the
Laser show VIP Snack Terrace package for $15 each.  We each received popcorn, bottled coke products, Dippin Dots, and a glow necklace.  We were assigned a section of the park where padded chairs were setup prior to our arrival.  We just so happened to be seated at the very front of the park.  We had excellent seats.  I would say it is absolutely worth the price.  I had never experienced Dippin Dots before and I am now a fan.  I selected the banana split and it was delicious.  The Laser show itself has been improved this year.  I have not been since around 1998 so a lot has changed.  You can watch the show for free but I didn't miss sitting on the ground in the grass.  Having the chair to sit in was an advantage plus you receive all the goodies for the kids, well and us too.

Till next time, MS Southern Mom.