Thursday, May 22, 2014

School Projects, Summer Break is Here

Summer break is almost here and my boys cannot wait.  My 8 year old has had some pretty cute projects to complete throughout the school year.  The first one I will share with you is about character day.  He was required to dress up as his favorite character from a list the teacher made.  He chose Johnny Appleseed.  I did some research online and this is the picture we used as a basis and guideline for making his outfit.  

We started with a pair of his older brother's jeans.  They were just big enough to require a belt but no so big they fell off.  Jake read in his Johnny Appleseed book that he sometimes wore miss-matching socks on the colder days.  That was easy enough to find.  We have tons of socks with no matching mate.  The flannel shirt was one I had purchased that turned out too large but I kept it hoping he would grow into it.  Well it was the perfect shirt for this outfit.  His Nanny made the string braided belt to hold up the jeans.  I ironed on the patches at the exact spots Jake instructed me to.  His Nanny found him the stick in her yard to carry his handkerchief hobo bag we made him out of tying 2 handkerchiefs together.  We rolled up his jeans so one side was longer than the other.  I think it turned out as perfect as Johnny Appleseed can be.  It was good enough that his picture made it in the yearbook!

The next project I am sharing is his end of the year 2nd grade school project.  The instructions said to make a skeleton out of some household items.  Some examples given were  Q-tips, cotton balls, pipe cleaners etc.  All major bones had to be displayed and labeled.  Jake and Derek (hubby) came up with an excellent idea to use pasta.  I think it turned out super great.   If you look closely they used macaroni for the ribs, angel hair for the fingers and toes and a bow tie pasta piece for the pelvis!  Oh and a piece of rotini, cork screw pasta, for the spine.

This week is winding down with graduations, field trips, field days and last but not least final exams.  Friday is the last day before my oldest will officially become a high school student.  Another year gone....the time flying by as always.  We are excited for summer break and the vacations it will bring.