Sunday, February 2, 2014

Baby It Has Been Cold Outside in MS!

The hubby was home from work for 2 days and the kids were out of school for 3 days because baby it's cold outside.  We were "snowed in" as we like to call it in our neck of the woods.   I think if some of our neighbors up North or Midwest saw what we were calling snowed in they would laugh.  What can we do though?  We aren't prepared for this kind of weather.  We don't have equipment to clear the roads, salt to spread on the roads to help with deicing, so we just wait until the freeze passes.

The picture below was the most snow our yard has accumulated since we have lived here.  Look at that massive snow pile on the edge of the porch...ha ha.

So we sat inside for 3 days snuggling up by the fire.  We watched movies, played games and went a little stir crazy.....

And then there was the hubby and I were snuggled up watching some Duck Dynasty, Jake came in and stood by the post of the bed and said, "Captain, I think I see an island."  I looked at my hubby and I said I think we need to get out of the house.  Is this what cabin fever looks like?  lol....

To top it all off right before the ice decided to leave us.  I got the bright idea to go check on the hubby in his shop wearing my flip flops.  Well I know now they would work great as skis because I slid into a perfect split from my High School days.  I am still sore as I write this and with a swollen wrist.  Live and learn.  Us southern folks are not built for this weather and it needs to go back where it came from for sure!