Friday, December 13, 2013

Our 2013 Disney World Trip, Day 4

It was our final day scheduled for Disney.  We had planned to spend it at Hollywood Studios.  The park was closing early at 7:00 PM so we spent the remainder of the night at Downtown Disney.  We had reservations to eat at Splitsville Bowling Lanes.  I didn't realize it until we arrived but you have to also reserve the bowling lane.  Luckily they weren't booked and we walked right in and were able to eat and bowl.  I would imagine during peak seasons you would absolutely need reservations for both if that is what you planned to do.

I have always been scared to death to ride the Tower of Terror but this year my oldest son talked me into it.  I am so happy I did.  It is now one of my all time favorite rides.  I normally do not like rides that free fall drop but this ride bounces up and down during the free fall and you never know how high the fall will start from.  Also, when you start the scene you ride through is awesome.  The Disney workers were all in character and had solemn faces and told us, see you later or not...ha ha.  It was really neat and not what I expected.  With us being there at Halloween, it added to the terror and atmosphere.  Needless to say, I will be riding it again.

Another fun thing we did was over at the animation part of the park.  They offer drawing classes.  Each class is approx 40 or 45 minutes.  The class decides on what character they want to draw and the instructor teaches how to easily sketch it.  Our character was Pluto.  All four of us went to the class,  I think it is amazing how good they all turned out.  Can you figure out who drew which picture?

After we rode rides, watched some shows, we stayed until the park closed.  We headed to Downtown Disney.  We rode the bus back to our hotel from Hollywood so we could drive to Downtown.   Well let me inform you, there is major construction going on right now at Downtown and parking is scarce.  We drove up on a Valet service and we hopped on it.  It was so convenient and at the end of the night, we texted we were on our way to the car and they had it ready by the time we got there to pick it up.  I say it was worth the cost to not spend your time driving around looking for parking or waiting in line to load onto a bus that is empty enough to hold your family.

When we arrived Downtown, we had to hit Lego.  OMG, it was so crowded.  Kids screaming and the lights are so bright in there and of course Jake wanted a set so here I go to stand in the checkout line.  When it was almost my turn to checkout the guy in front of me was giving the Lego checkout guy so much lip.  He wanted some kind of Disney World discount.  He was telling him he stayed at the luxury resorts and he received VIP service and discounts wherever he shopped.  His wife finally told him, leave this $8/hr guy alone he doesn't care about your money.  I was thinking, well if you have so much money why are you giving this poor guy grief over a 5% discount.  The dude would not buy the Lego set, he said he would come back with proof that he could get the discount.  It was like a $25 Lego set.  He got all upset over $1.25.  The Lego checkout guy apologized to me for having to hear the guy rant and said his dad had always taught him to remain calm in those situations and let it blow over.  I told him, well the guy was going on and on over his luxury this and luxury that but was demanding his $1.25 discount....something just wasn't right.  But hey I was entertained for a short while.  It did rub me wrong when the wife demeaned the Lego guy by saying he was an $8/hr guy and he doesn't care.  She should be more careful, for all she knows he could be the owners son or the owner.  Assumptions get you in trouble fast.  You know the saying---Assume makes an "ass out of u and me" and I do not like to curse but it had to be said, sorry.

After the Lego shopping, we went in the worlds largest Disney shopping store.  I bought my niece some things.  I had already purchased some really pretty ornaments for my other nieces.  Again this store was horrendously packed with people.  I grabbed some items and went out the door.  I can't enjoy shopping when it is too crowded.  Next, we went to a store called Curl or Wave, I don't remember but it had some cute clothes for the boys.  Jake got the cutest Hurley hat, shirt and jacket.  He wears the jacket to school almost every day.  After shopping, it was time for our dinner reservations at Splitsville.

Believe it or not that food was some of the BEST food I ate the entire trip.  My pizza was wonderful and the french fries were so good.  My only complaint about the facility is regarding spacing and seating during bowling while eating with another party across from you.  They have long tables & benches you have to slide out of when it is your turn to bowl.  This is an inconvenience for everyone beside you on the bench because they have to move to let you bowl  while they are trying to eat.  The neighboring tables are so close you could bump butts with someone as you are trying to get out from the table/bench to go bowl if the other group is doing the same thing.  Except for that, it is a great, fun atmosphere, with great food.  We will go back and I would recommend it.

After bowling we called it a night.  Sad it is over but I am happy to be blessed we could take the trip.

On the way home, we stopped at a shopping mall, I do not remember the name.  We were there mainly to eat but my goodness, a girl gotta shop.  This place was beautiful to be a shopping plaza.  The breeze was blowing, the music was playing throughout, someone was blowing bubbles in the air, it was a glorious day.  I made it out without too much damage to my pocketbook.  Joel did most of it.  It was a nice break before we started our LONG journey home.

The next day my niece greeted me at home to see what gifts I had bought for her.  I could not resist inserting a picture of her posing in them.  She is so cute and sweet.

Until next time...MS Southern Mom