Monday, November 25, 2013

Our 2013 Disney World Trip, Day 3

This year we did something different, we visited two parks in one day.  Normally, I plan one park/day and we stay at that park all day.  On our third day, we started out at Hollywood Studios and ended it at Magic Kingdom.  The extra magic hours were at Magic Kingdom till 2:00 AM and Hollywood Studios was scheduled to close at 7:00PM for the next two days.  Hollywood is one of our favorite parks so we wanted to spend as much time as we could there on our last 2 days at Disney so that is exactly what we did.  I had to visit guest relations at Hollywood Studios and they worked with my tickets since I did not purchase park hoppers.  However, they gave us complimentary tickets and made it happen for free.  I love Disney!  This was by far our best day while we were there this year.  Here we go.....

Upon entry to the Hollywood Studios, they have Monsters Inc decorations.  I grabbed a back shot of the hedges which was just as awesome as the front.  We wandered through the park and took our time.  We did not have fast passes scheduled so we rode what we wanted as we walked by it.

We saw a new ride, Pirates of the Caribbean.  It is where the Narnia ride used to be.  It is actually a pretty cool short show.  It is inside a building and you stand while you watch it.

Then we strolled down and watched the 3D Muppet Show which is one of our favorites.

We tried to stop and eat at the Sci/Fi Theatre but the wait was too long and the kids were starving so we walked on down to the ABC commissary and ordered right away.  It was a very nice environment.  The food was the Disney usual.  I have a shot here for you to see the atmosphere.

 We rode some more rides and then headed over to the animation section.  We met up with Mickey Mouse on our way out and Joel had his picture taken with him.

Jake was afraid of Mickey and was standing back.  We were the only ones in there.  One of the cast members came up to us and Jake and said I have a surprise for you I think you will like and won't scare you.  He told us to follow him down the hall and when he opened the door, I was amazed at how beautiful the room was.  They had crystal pin cushioned walls, beautiful decorated carpet, white fringe table cloth and there stood Minnie Mouse.  She was all by herself.  I have no idea why she was in that room by herself.  It was obvious we had received some sort of special treat.  It was not advertised and no one knew she was there.  Minnie tried to reach out to Jake but he was still afraid of her.  He refused to get close or take a picture.  I did sneak this one.

Not Joel, he hopped on in there and she hugged up to him and snapped a picture.  I thought it was absolutely adorable and so nice of the Disney World team member to do that for us.

We finished up at Hollywood Studios and headed over to the Contemporary Hotel to eat dinner and then ride the Monorail over to Magic Kingdom.

We ate at the Contempo Cafe and it had very good food.  While you eat, the monorail is going by overhead.  It is a neat atmosphere.  You also order from an electronic menu and then pay at the register.  They then serve your food.  They have an array of sweets in this Cafe as well as the gift shop on the same level.  We bought some deserts and then went to the Contemporary Grounds and picked up some Frappuccinos.  It was 8:00 PM and we were planning on a 2:00 AM stop time.  On our way to get the coffee, we saw this...

We saw several people wearing bandannas following Captain Hook throughout the Hotel.  I asked the Disney team member working the event what it was and she informed me, it was a party they have with Captain Hook in the hotel and then they load onto the boat and sail out onto the lake and watch the fireworks from the boat.  Kids and adults are welcome.  I have never heard of this event but it looked very interesting.  I would love to do this maybe next year.

After we ate desserts, drank coffee and rested in the lounge we were able to watch the Electric Parade glide by on the lake from the lounge.  We were rested and fueled up, ready to go until 2:00 AM!  We loaded the monorail and off we went to Magic Kingdom at around 9:00 PM.

This was taken right when we arrived.  Another shot at the pumpkins, can't resist it.

We headed down to Princess Fairytale Hall.  It had opened up for the first time a few weeks before our arrival.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  Joel took his picture with the Princesses.  Snow White and Rapunzel were there.  As you walk down the hall waiting to meet the princesses, they have each of their portraits shown on the walls.  The design of the building is beautiful.  Once you reach the end of the hall you can see Cinderella's glass slipper.  It is in the middle picture below, at right.  It is hard to see in the picture but it is so neat to see in person.  Oh, and if you are going in the summer, it was air conditioned which would enhance the wait from the outside summer heat.

I am in the middle and of course Joel is with his Princesses.

Next, we visited Enchanted Tales with Belle.  This was a first for us.  We did not know what to expect but it was lovely.  You first enter a room with a talking china cabinet.  They pull people from the audience to participate in a skit and then you move through an illuminated door that opens up into a library, picture below middle at right.  This is where you meet Belle and the talking candle man.  They put on a skit with members of the audience.  The small children, especially girls, love it.

After this we rode several more rides.  We stayed until the park closed at 2:00 AM.  Most rides had no lines after midnight.  You could walk right on the ride.  We had a blast on our last day at Magic Kingdom.  I have some random pictures to share below.  Hopefully, we can come back next year.

Till Next Year Magic Kingdom!