Friday, October 11, 2013

My Small Fall Town

I live in a small town and every holiday the city decorates main street and some other key areas.  City hall has a fall scene of pumpkins and hay.


There is a place in the center of town selling gorgeous mums.  I threw in a picture of the courthouse simply because I think it is a classic beautiful old southern building.  The city park even has some fall decor....bows and scarecrows.

You can't have fall without having the county-wide town fair.  It is pulling into town next week.  The trailers are starting to park at the fair grounds.  I will have to take my kids.  It can't be ignored since it is on our way to school.  The entire county goes on family night, usually Thursday.  It is normally standing room only.  You would think Disney had pulled into town.  

Take care and check back soon,