Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Soccer Sweets and Disney Surprise

I have always admired moms that brought cute homemade treat bags to school functions for all the kids to enjoy and hoped of doing that one day myself.  That time was today.  When I was working outside the home, I never had the energy or time to perform such a task.  However, now with me being home I try to take advantage of doing things like this as much as possible.  I made some treat bags full of sweets for Jake's soccer team to enjoy after their practice on Friday.  You can see the arrangement of candy I added to each bag.  I think the kids will be pleased.  I am not sure about the parents...LoL but it will be a Friday night.

I used Halloween bags since it is just around the corner, plus I thought they were cute.  

Someone gave me this Southern Belle carry bag and it holds them perfectly.  I am excited to give them to the kids and I hope they enjoy them.


On another note, we found out this week we will be going to Disney World again this year for Halloween.  It is an annual tradition for us to trick-or-treat at the Not So Scary Halloween party.  Here are some pictures from last year.  The first picture is Jake trying not to smile on the Tea cups--the no smiling on the Tea cup rule is next to impossible to follow.   

We can not wait to see Mickey Mouse again.  43 day count down begins!!!!!!!!!!!