Monday, September 9, 2013

Pottery Barn Gift Card Surprise

A couple of months back I was sorting through the mail and I opened a letter from my husbands work.  Inside the letter was a $100 gift card to Pottery Barn.  I was shocked.  I questioned my husband and he said he got it for me.  He knew I loved that store so instead of selecting another store (Lowe's, Home Depot, Bass Pro Shops etc...) he went with my favorite so I could buy something for myself.  How sweet is that?  He had received the reward as an absentee bonus.  Where he works if you do not miss work or come in late you get a small bonus each year and he gave his to me, awe.....

I will share with you what I purchased with the gift card.  If you have ever shopped at Pottery Barn you know $100 will not go far; however, I was in luck the weekend I went shopping because they had their flowers 20 or 30% off (can't remember).  I also had a 20% discount coupon they had sent me in the mail so I stretched the money as far as I could.  I purchased some umbrella lights and a flower arrangement in a glass container.  I also purchased some flowers to place in another pottery barn vase I have on my kitchen table.  These flowers are pricey but they look so realistic.  I have a black thumb so this is the best I can do for flowers in my house.

I enjoy these items and smile every time I look at them because it reminds me my hubby thought about me that day.