Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's my Birthday Party, 42

I recently celebrated my 42nd birthday.  I am happy to be another year older.  I am not like some people who dread their birthdays.  To me it is much better than the alternative.  I have two young children to raise and a lot of things left to do.  I welcome every birthday.

My Momma brought me these gorgeous flowers.

Hubby bought me a Bird of Paradise candle and some Burberry perfume.  I had never smelled either of these before.  I really like the candle and the perfume has grown on me.  

For my party, Derek surprised me by making my cake.  He made it entirely from scratch.  Yes, I said from scratch---cake mix and icing.  I was totally shocked at how cute it turned out.  I think he did a pretty good job considering it was the first time he has ever baked a birthday cake.  It tasted good also.  He gets an A+ in my book.

Several of my family came over to celebrate with me.  We ate pizza and watched the Breaking Bad penultimate episode.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly.  I do realize I am getting older because most of my cards had cows, cats, cake or old fat women on  Hey, at least I still received presents.  Can't beat that!