Monday, September 2, 2013

It's Football Time

As if I don't have enough to worry about, I turn on Good Morning America last week and there is Dr. Richard Besser advising parents to have their kids pick another sport instead of football.  This is the first year our oldest son Joel is going to play in school.  His first game is on the heels of the announcement that the NFL is set to pay more than 750 million to retired players with dementia or other concussion related health problems.   I was already paranoid and worried about him playing but this amplifies my concern. To top it all off his position is linebacker.  The purpose of his position is to guess what?----TACKLE.  Maybe I am being an over concerned parent.  After all, how many kids play football in this country every year without injury?  Also, my son is not a small boned child for his age.  What we did to help protect him is purchase a very safe helmet.  My husband researched to find the best one available within a reasonable price.  I had no idea that a helmet could cost so much.  The one we purchased was not inexpensive but I pray it keeps him safe.  At least it makes me feel better while he is out on the field.  I am not fond of his decision to play football but I am going to support him in whatever he wants to do within reason of course.  I prefer baseball myself although it can also be dangerous.  They were talking about the pitchers being hit in the head with baseballs a couple of months ago on GMA.

I went on Joel's Instagram and grabbed these pictures of his helmet and his selfie...ha.  I also have a photo from the morning of his first game and a couple of game shots from that evening.  He is #30!  Please pray for success and safety throughout this season.  Thank you, Jo.