Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

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for the Five on Friday blog hop.  Okay, here we go......five things off the top of my head!

1.  I am thrilled Jake's costume came in from Chasing Fireflies.  We LOVE it.  It is so authentic.  We can not wait to go trick or treating at Disney World.  Look at his little name on it, awe.  The other side says US ARMY.  Isn't that sweet?  If you would like to purchase this costume, you can buy it here.

2.  Our Disney MagicBands came in today.  As always in true Disney style, they are awesome.  I am amazed at how they were packaged.  We were able to customize the colors so we can keep them separated.  One guess which one is mine.

3.  Last weekend was hubby's birthday.  These are the best pictures I could capture.  They are all camera hogs and love to smile so much I could not contain their excitement---NOT.  My 7 year old is the only one remotely interested in taking a picture.  It is painfully obvious in these shots.

4.  My nieces received their Vera Bradley I purchased for them.  My sister-in-law sent me these pictures.  Riley, precious little blond, loves purses.  I had to buy her the cutest VB bag in her size.  Avery, the baby, is adorable in this VB outfit.  I also purchased her the matching blanket.  They are both dolls.  I got my SIL the matching color block bag to use as a small diaper bag.  She loved everything.  Click on the links if you would like to purchase these items.

5.  My eyeballs came in from Williams Sonoma.  The kids have hit them pretty hard.  They don't stand a chance of making it until Halloween.  I must say I have had one or two myself.  Time for another order.

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