Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday--First EVER

Here goes my first five on Friday.  I am joining in on the blog hop!!!

1.  My favorite body wash and lotion right now is by Origins.  Both of them smell like lavender and vanilla mixed.  The lotion is a souffle.  It is light enough not to leave you greasy and all I can say is you smell heavenly.  My only complaint is the packaging for the body wash.  I wish it had a squeeze lid or something other than a twist top.  Other than that it is a must buy if you like those smells.

2.  I became obsessed with the Million Second Quiz this week and am qualified for the show.  I have the pictures to prove it.  I am too chicken to move forward with going on TV.  Did anyone else get to this stage?  Maybe this time next year I will be saying should of, would of or could of....

3.  My son was in need of some soccer clothes for practice.  I took advantage of the free shipping Under Armour offered during labor day and ordered this cute outfit.  The pictures on the left don't give the colors justice so I took some more pictures to show it is the hunter orange and the bright blue combination.  Too cute!

4.  Jake has a project due at school to select his favorite season and he chose fall.  Mainly because it contains his birthday but also because we go to Disney World and trick-or-treat every year.  We made the poster together.  Don't forget about Thanksgiving.  Lots to love about fall.

5.  My initial necklace came in and I love it.  I ordered it at a local boutique store, Zeal.  It was only $14.00!  Whoop whoop.

Saturday we celebrate my husbands birthday.  He will be 21, um typo 41.  Off to preparing for that!

Enjoy Your Weekend
Your Blogging Friend