Monday, September 16, 2013

Boo to You

I could not wait any longer.  I had to get out some Halloween decorations.  I purchased these from Grandin Road about 5 years ago.  All of the pumpkins still work and with the exception of replacing the lights on the Boo! it works fine.  The sign is large and is easily seen from the highway.  The exclamation mark over the years has sort of turned into an "l" but hey I think it is still cute.  Any ideas on how I can better separate those lights to emphasize it is an "!" and not an "l" would be appreciated.

I think I need the Sleepy Hollow Spooky Tree from Grandin Road to complete the scene.  I have been waiting for a sale to buy this baby up.  It is currently $199.  A little too pricey for me.

Last but not least, my 7 year old made this Halloween sign and asked me to post it on my blog.  He says Happy Halloween to all the readers/southern belles!!  He said to call y'all southern belles...  He said I was famous and I needed to call my followers something besides readers (like Lady Gaga calls her followers Little Monsters).  He is hilarious and way too kind to me.  He is my biggest fan.

He also wanted me to advertise his YouTube channel.  He plays all sorts of games.  Check out his channel.  He is something  If I remember correctly, one of his last posts is me playing him in Minecraft.  Not my thing.  I am more of a Call of Duty gal.