Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alabama Football & Flip Flops

This weekend we (Alabama) played Colorado State.  The final score was 6-31, Alabama.  The word on the street had predicted a win with a larger spread.  We should have slammed Colorado and won by at least 40 points.  I hope we aren't getting too big for our britches as we say in the South.  We all know, a big part of the game is mental and all about attitude.  In the end, if we start losing I will still be a supporter and fan.  You can't always be a winner but it sure does feel good when it's happening.

I have been looking for some Alabama decorations to hang on the brick columns entering our drive way.  I found these flip flops on Etsy from Everything Whimsical2.  If you want some you can order them here.  I absolutely love them and the lady I worked with, Gina, is extremely nice and has been great.  I recommend this site 100%.

Throwback Tuesday:
I found this picture from last year.  This is me and one of my friends, Deanna, acting silly in a store covered in Alabama garb.  We could not get over how much Alabama stuff they had.  Check out my rings.  No, we did not purchase any of it but it sure was tempting.

Later and Roll Tide Roll,