Sunday, August 11, 2013

Super Soul Sunday

I follow Lakewood church on Instagram and saw this last night.  It stated that over 500 people were being baptized.  Isn't this so sweet.  Look how thrilled Joel Osteen is as he is doing this.  He said when I saw him in church that he always smiles and he was telling the truth.  I guess that is because he is so happy.  Wouldn't you love to be there with them experiencing this?  I would have.  I don't know who the little boy is but he has been blessed.

I have some short clips from the service we attended back in June.  I will share with you here.  I will start with a clip from his prayer.

The next is a short clip from his sermon.

I will finish where he started with his joke.  He starts each sermon with a joke.  If you've ever watched him you know he sticks to a pattern.  This one was pretty good.

On a totally different subject but relaxing for the soul, as Oprah would say on her Super Soul Sunday show, enjoy this short clip of Disney World ducks.  They are walking around and you can see the beautiful gardens surrounding them.  That is Jake enjoying a popsicle.  Wish I was there now.  Enjoy your Sunday and be thankful for your blessings....relax.

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