Monday, August 5, 2013

My Oldest Baby is Home

Finally, the week is over.  I think this has been the longest week ever.  If you read one of my previous posts you know my oldest son left for youth camp in North Carolina last Sunday.  We were all missing him so much.  Since this was his first official time away from home we decided to have him a welcome home party.  He had no idea I had arranged for our family to gather at the house to await his arrival.  I ordered some pizza and a cake and made a sad attempt at a "Welcome Home" sign.

When he walked in the door he was totally surprised and exhausted.  I also think he was happy to be home.  His little brother missed him so much.  That is him hiding in the first picture and jumping up in the second.

Instead of giving me or his dad a hug when he walked in he went straight to Maw maw.  She babysat him for years while I worked so he has always been a Maw maw's boy.

I am a proud Momma and happy to have my sweet boy back home.

While he was away I took the opportunity to clean his room.  Normally, I leave this task to him since he is 13, almost 14.  I went in nose clipped and gloves on.  I cleaned for 4 hours.  I threw trash away, dusted, organized, picked up clothes and vacuumed.  The room is shining clean now and I have the pictures to prove it.  I am going to print these and give them to him so he can see how clean looks.  We will see how long he keeps it this way.