Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Soccer Time

My youngest son plays soccer every fall and this year he needed new cleats.  We shopped at Academy and he had to have these white, yes white cleats.  Why not black?  Black would be so much easier to keep clean but I gave in and he now has white cleats.  He chose Adidas brand and so far they have been very comfortable for him.

All of the games are in the heat of the day usually around 11:00 am.  With my fair skin, I fight sunburns.  Even with sunscreen I still can get burned sitting through an hour game so I purchased this sunhat that I plan to use during the games.  I found this on one of the Etsy shops.  I think she did a great job.

Practice started last week and the first game is next week.  It is tough balancing soccer practice and games for my youngest with football practice and games for my oldest.  To say the least I am busy and the only free taxi in town.  Below is Jake on the way to the first practice of this year.  Loving fall and all this ball.