Friday, August 16, 2013

G-Unit's Birthday Party

A couple weekends ago our cousin who we call G-unit turned 10.  His party was at the movie theatre.  They had a party room setup for us to have cake, chips and dip and for him to open presents after the movie.  We saw Smurfs 2, 3D.  It was a cute movie for the kids.  Popcorn, coke and a snack were served to the kids during the movie.  The seats were reserved for the party in the center of the theatre so it didn't matter we were a little late getting all the kids to their seats.  After the movie everyone headed to the party room where G-unit had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party.  The cake was so cute.

The kids had a great time.  After G-unit opened his presents the staff gave us a behinds the scenes tour of the movie theatre.  I love movies and often wondered exactly how they work.  Now everything is computerized and they have large projectors set on timers to automatically play the movies.  The bulb is so hot if you put your hand in front of the lens shown on the right you would have instant burns.  It is an extremely high watt bulb.

They also showed us a glimpse into the old days of theatre with the reels and film.

The tour guide told us the new projectors cost close to $100,000.  This particular movie theatre had 16.  I enjoyed the tour and learned something new.  I think the kids enjoyed it also.  Good idea for birthday parties if you have one upcoming.

After the party and some shopping, our family stopped by Chill for some yogurt.   They gave Jake a balloon dog with his yogurt, ha ha.  I chose salted caramel pretzel yogurt and it was delicious.  As usual, Joel and Jake did not eat all of theirs.

We had a good day with friends and family and G-unit had a great 10th birthday....