Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to School

It is that time....back to school.  I registered both kids a couple of weeks ago and have dreaded this day since.  I have no idea why they are starting school so early this year.  Usually we start back a week or so later in August.  It is so hot in southern MS and with the humidity it feels much hotter.  I know it is hard on the kids and teachers.  Not only did they start school earlier in the month, they are starting the elementary school day 10 minutes earlier.  I do not have any clue why they would start school 10 minutes earlier.  What possibly could be learned in an additional 10 minutes of school each day?  My oldest son has football practice every evening after school until 5:00 or 5:30 PM.  By the end of each day, I have made 3 trips to school.  Thank goodness we do not live far away from the school.  I should probably make them ride the bus.  I always did until my cousins were old enough to drive and I survived.

The school supply list this year was long to say the least.  I do not mind buying school supplies but what is aggravating is when I go to purchase them and they are sold out at the store.  I live near a Super Walmart and other than some dollar stores it is really the only major store around unless I drive 45-50 miles.  Everyone in the county goes to the same schools and the population is known, so I do not understand why the store is not stocked with the supplies necessary for our area.  Walmart even has the school supply lists available for you to pick up, so they know what the schools are requiring for the students.  After that rant, it is evident I was not able to purchase everything on their lists but this is what I was able to buy.  I will have to go back to the store in the next week and hope they have the remaining items in stock.  I ordered Jake's book bag and lunch box from Pottery Barn Kids.  I had them monogram both.  I ordered Joel's book bag directly from Under Armour and his lunch box from Lands End.


Before they left I made them pose for a picture.  Their enthusiasm is underwhelming.  I have to admit I felt pretty much the way they looked.  I am not happy about school starting back.  It is not that I don't value education but I love the boys being home with me and spending time with them.  The summer was way too short.

For us, summer is over and the daily grind begins.