Monday, July 15, 2013

Houston Shopping Haul

If you read my previous post you know my family recently went to Houston, TX.  There was plenty of shopping to enjoy and I did some damage.  My 19 year anniversary is next month, so my husband purchased some early anniversary presents for me.

We went to The Galleria.  To start with I stopped at Henri Bendel.  Years ago, I used to buy a perfume from them called "Wild Fig" (I think) through Bath and Body Works.  I loved this perfume and I have not been able to find it on the Internet.  The perfume wasn't there but I did find these lovely candles in Fig.  I wasn't really sure I would love the smell so I purchased the smaller size tins.  Well, let me tell you it smells WONDERFUL when burned.  I also purchased the Coconut Flower scent but I haven't tried it yet.

I keep a blank tablet on my refrigerator at all times and as we run out of items in the kitchen we list them to be replaced.  This is how we generate our grocery list each week.  Otherwise, I would never remember what we need.  I have had a hard time locating cute magnetic tablets for the past couple of years.  I have looked online as well as at my local bookstore and for some reason they are not easy to find.  So, when I found this little gem, I had to have it.  It says "Retail Therapy" which I thought was adorable.  Also the ribbon made it even cuter.

Then as I was heading back downstairs, I saw it...ahhhh, Tory Burch.  The bright colors, mirrors, shoes, bags and jewelry caught my eye immediately.  I found some signature Tory Burch earrings.  I also found a pair of shoes that were comfortable and cute.  My husband encouraged me to buy them both for my anniversary, so I did.

While in TX we attended, Lakewood church.  We really enjoyed the entire experience.  It was an honor to be in church and hear Joel and Victoria Osteen speak and preach.  Inside the church they had a bookstore.  I saw these mints and picked some up.

They are called Scripture Mints.  You can tell my kids got into the second pack but it said "Reaching the World One Piece At A Time".  Each mint has the fish symbol stamped in it.  On the packaging it says, "The fish symbol is the earliest of Christian symbols and was the most common representation of Jesus Christ.  Meaning:  Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior."  I enjoyed the Strawberries and Cream candies so much that I bought extra packs to give out for gifts/souvenirs.

This was a great trip, there were some other purchases for my kids and husband which I am not showing in this blog.  Everyone had a great time and we hope to go back soon.