Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Farewell and Flowers Pots

I have been shopping around for some unique flower pots to hold some palms I found at my local Walmart.  I found these pots on the Grandin Road website.  It is the Lulu planter.

I purchased two of them and plan to place them on each side of the diving board.  I think it turned out sort of nice.  As you can see the palms we nearing death before I finally had them potted.

In other news, my oldest son loaded up at 3AM Monday for youth camp.  He will be gone for an entire week.  This is the first time he has left home for that long ever.  He has had the occasional stay at a friends house or at a grandparents house but never a week long separation from us.  He is now 13 so I know he can handle it but it is not him I am worried about.  He has a phone with him but it is already Wednesday and I have only heard from him ONCE.  I know it is because he is super busy and is enjoying himself with fellowship and activities but goodness he could call.....  I guess this is what boys are like, they leave and don't miss Momma.  Me on the other hand, the first time I went to summer camp I called home every night and got extremely home sick.  I have to focus on and know that he is surrounded by loving friends and is being well taken care of.  I sure do want to see him come home Saturday.  I have some pictures of him packing up and leaving from the church.  The camp they went to is called Snowbird and is in North Carolina.