Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Farewell and Flowers Pots

I have been shopping around for some unique flower pots to hold some palms I found at my local Walmart.  I found these pots on the Grandin Road website.  It is the Lulu planter.

I purchased two of them and plan to place them on each side of the diving board.  I think it turned out sort of nice.  As you can see the palms we nearing death before I finally had them potted.

In other news, my oldest son loaded up at 3AM Monday for youth camp.  He will be gone for an entire week.  This is the first time he has left home for that long ever.  He has had the occasional stay at a friends house or at a grandparents house but never a week long separation from us.  He is now 13 so I know he can handle it but it is not him I am worried about.  He has a phone with him but it is already Wednesday and I have only heard from him ONCE.  I know it is because he is super busy and is enjoying himself with fellowship and activities but goodness he could call.....  I guess this is what boys are like, they leave and don't miss Momma.  Me on the other hand, the first time I went to summer camp I called home every night and got extremely home sick.  I have to focus on and know that he is surrounded by loving friends and is being well taken care of.  I sure do want to see him come home Saturday.  I have some pictures of him packing up and leaving from the church.  The camp they went to is called Snowbird and is in North Carolina.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Our Little Treehouse

I was flipping through the channels the other day and stumbled on a show called Treehouse Masters.  It is where Pete Nelson builds tree houses full time.  I think he lives in WA at what he calls Treehouse Point.  Can you imagine having that as your full time job?  I was blown away by the beauty and details of their tree houses.  I too was bit by the tree house bug several years ago.  I was walking through Home Depot and I saw a magazine with the cutest little tree house on the cover.  I bought the mag brought it home and immediately began dreaming up my own ideas for my son's (my) tree house.  My dad built houses and my husband has always been able to build anything he wishes (he built the cabinets for our home + lots of other things) so after I had the plans laid out I put them to work...  First, was to pick out the perfect location.  I knew I wanted it in our back yard but close enough to our house that our son could easily access it.  We live on 14 heavily wooded acres so we had plenty of trees to choose from.  After careful consideration, I (we) found the perfect set of trees.  I selected a green tin roof so we could hear the rain.  It is made of cedar so we could get the perfect color and I love the smell.  I picked the accent color of green so it would blend with the tree leaves.  We handmade the windows and they are made of Plexiglass instead of glass so no one could easily break them and get cut--kid friendly.  The windows are hinged and swing open.  You can see the results in the picture.  This was right after it was built.  Now, I have been inspired again and I think I am going to re-do the inside and decorate it.  I will share it when I am done.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Beau Rivage Biloxi MS

My husband and I stayed at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS this weekend.  We visit here from time to time because it is absolutely beautiful.  This weekend we received the most awesome room with a view ever.  The lady at guest check in was extremely nice and gave us an ocean front room.  Not only was it ocean front but it had a great view of the pool.  

If you have never been to the Beau Rivage you need to know there is some great shopping.  There is also a Roasted Bean restaurant that serves up a delicious Frappe.

You can see from the pictures why we love it there.  When you are inside it feels like you are outside.

The flowers are always fresh and you can smell them when you walk in the lobby.

While we were staying in Biloxi, we drove down along side the beach and stopped at the Edgewater Mall.

In the middle of the mall there was a very interesting sand sculpture.  I am not certain who built this but it was made completely of sand and was very cool.

On our way to the mall, we spotted a huge alligator.  This is definitely not something you see everyday.

It has been a while since we have driven down the coast.  It appears several businesses and people have decided not to rebuild since the devastating hurricane in 2005.  Prior to hurricane Katrina there were beautiful homes side by side across from the beach.  Even though some of the homes have not rebuilt the beach is fully restored and is back to normal.  You can see from the picture it is gorgeous.  This is just another reason we love the south.

All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Houston Shopping Haul

If you read my previous post you know my family recently went to Houston, TX.  There was plenty of shopping to enjoy and I did some damage.  My 19 year anniversary is next month, so my husband purchased some early anniversary presents for me.

We went to The Galleria.  To start with I stopped at Henri Bendel.  Years ago, I used to buy a perfume from them called "Wild Fig" (I think) through Bath and Body Works.  I loved this perfume and I have not been able to find it on the Internet.  The perfume wasn't there but I did find these lovely candles in Fig.  I wasn't really sure I would love the smell so I purchased the smaller size tins.  Well, let me tell you it smells WONDERFUL when burned.  I also purchased the Coconut Flower scent but I haven't tried it yet.

I keep a blank tablet on my refrigerator at all times and as we run out of items in the kitchen we list them to be replaced.  This is how we generate our grocery list each week.  Otherwise, I would never remember what we need.  I have had a hard time locating cute magnetic tablets for the past couple of years.  I have looked online as well as at my local bookstore and for some reason they are not easy to find.  So, when I found this little gem, I had to have it.  It says "Retail Therapy" which I thought was adorable.  Also the ribbon made it even cuter.

Then as I was heading back downstairs, I saw it...ahhhh, Tory Burch.  The bright colors, mirrors, shoes, bags and jewelry caught my eye immediately.  I found some signature Tory Burch earrings.  I also found a pair of shoes that were comfortable and cute.  My husband encouraged me to buy them both for my anniversary, so I did.

While in TX we attended, Lakewood church.  We really enjoyed the entire experience.  It was an honor to be in church and hear Joel and Victoria Osteen speak and preach.  Inside the church they had a bookstore.  I saw these mints and picked some up.

They are called Scripture Mints.  You can tell my kids got into the second pack but it said "Reaching the World One Piece At A Time".  Each mint has the fish symbol stamped in it.  On the packaging it says, "The fish symbol is the earliest of Christian symbols and was the most common representation of Jesus Christ.  Meaning:  Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior."  I enjoyed the Strawberries and Cream candies so much that I bought extra packs to give out for gifts/souvenirs.

This was a great trip, there were some other purchases for my kids and husband which I am not showing in this blog.  Everyone had a great time and we hope to go back soon.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th of July Mississippi Style

We love to celebrate and 4th of July gives us another great reason for family and friends to meet and do just that.  Every year we host a party where we cook up the meat and the rest is what we call in the south potluck, everyone brings a dish.  The menu this year was hot dogs, sausage and hamburgers.  My husband is the CCC (Chief Chef in Charge).

We met our cousin's new baby.  She is precious and beautiful.  I can't help but think this time next year she will be running around with the other kids.  Oh how they grow so fast.

The day was rainy which changed our plans of swimming.  It didn't seem to bother the kids.  They played together and had fun.  

As for the adults, we did what we do best...EAT and meet.  You can see from the next picture my mom and her sisters preparing the desert!  My MIL made a chocolate cake that was a big hit.

After the feast, and some much needed rest.....

Some of us packed up and headed out to the big city for the firework show.

We left the house a little late and were concerned we wouldn't get a good parking spot.  To our surprise we drove right in and found one.  We set up our chairs outside and then began to notice why it was empty.  See the smoke in the picture.....  

The person parked beside us had their huge homemade barbecue grill at the firework show and were tailgating.  It smelled like they were smoking pork and pine mixed with leaves and the entire parking lot was filled with smoke.  By the time we realized the thickness of the smoke, it was too late.  So we held our breath between fireworks and enjoyed the show!!  The fireworks lasted for at least 10 minutes.  They were awesome.  At the end of the day, we had fun.  It was a great 4th of July, 2013.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Everything is bigger in TX

We are fresh back from a lovely vacation in Houston, TX.  We stayed at the Houstonian Resort and Spa.  All I can say is what a beautiful place.  It is an oasis in the city.

It is true that everything is bigger in TX.

We started out shopping and the selections were incredible!

AND, you can get your car washed while shopping.  

It was extremely hot during our trip-- up to 106 F.  We did attend a Houston Astros game at Minute Maid Park.   Fortunately, the roof was closed and the entire place was air conditioned.  Very nice.  

 We went to a movie and WOW!  

We went to church and WOW!

We ordered pizza and WOW!

Everything was bigger there much bigger than in Mississippi.  However, it is good to be home and preparing for our family 4th of July celebration